Updating to Ghost 3

I recently updated the blog to run on Ghost 3. Since I've moved to docker, the upgrade was exceedingly simple, although it was a bit more involved than if I had kept up with updates.

The update process went a bit like this:

  1. Backup data using the Ghost export
  2. Stop Container
  3. Edit Docker Compose to the required version tag (2.38 or latest)
  4. Pull the image
  5. Start the container
  6. Verify that everything works correctly.

However, since I was not running the latest 2.x version, I first had to update to 2.38 using the above process and change to use a specific tag in my docker compose file.

Overall, pretty painless compared to my migration from 0.x to 2.x, which didn't have any documentation and involved migrating from a non-official docker image to an official one.

My next step will be to utilize the Ghost content API to write a new front end in a static site generator like Gridsome or Nuxt.