My name is John Cleaver. I work at Factivity, Inc. as a software developer and project manager. I am currently working on custom code for clients as well as building a mobile front-end for our factory floor software and an API to work with it. At work, I write in Java, Python, and OpenEdge, but I tend to stick with Python and Javascript for my personal projects.

In my spare time, I program, write, read fiction and longform non-fiction articles, as well as play video games, role-playing games, and Magic: The Gathering. On the weekends, I occasionally hike and camp at various locations throughout Ohio and the surrounding states.

Contact Me

  • Email: cleaver DOT john DOT k AT gmail DOT com
  • Twitter: @Kihashi
  • Mastodon: @Kihashi@mstdn.io

About this Blog

This blog is built and published with Ghost and served via a Vultr VPS.

The name of the site is derived from the city that I live in-- Cleveland: "The Mistake by the Lake".

If you would like to reuse any content on this site, you are free to do so, but please keep it reasonable-- credit the source and ask before using entire (or large portions of) posts.

My hope is that someone benefits from reading these pages as much as I have from writing them.