TIL: A History of NoSQL and MongoDB Marketing

I had always been a bit skeptical about NoSQL databases and the fad that was going on. I had never run into something that didn't seem like it had relational data at its core. And most projects never get to the point where you can't have a performant SQL database, even for pretty obtuse queries. I'd heard a lot of "here's what NoSQL does" and not a lot of "here's an example of a problem where you might use NoSQL".

In this tweet thread, @thdxr goes through the evolution of thought and marketing around NoSQL through the years, including my train of thought at the time:

Some of my own impressions of NoSQL being called out

I found the whole thread a bit enlightening. I'll still probably reach for PostGreSQL 9/10, but it might be worth revisiting the NoSQL space to see what's out there now.