Automatic Follow Up

In my last post, I talked about Automatic and some of the problems that I had. I got a response back from some of my friends as well as Automatic themselves (via Twitter) wherein I found that some of my feature requests already existed.

Data Export and Analysis

The first suggestion that was to use an IFTTT recipe to record trip data to a Google spreadsheet whenever a trip ended. It is on ok start, but it means that I do not have access to historical data and it has to work, which didn't happen for the first several weeks that I had it set up. I left it alone for a while and it suddenly started working. You can find my version of the recipe here.

The second suggestion I got was actually from Automatic. They linked me to some forum threads that talked about an experimental Automatic API. One of the applications there actually showed you information about your trips and let you export that information to CSV.


Since writing this, Automatic released quite a few updates. The latest Android app improves their bluetooth stack so that the link connects more often. It allows you to set your own custom speed alerts. They also added a web dashboard to let you actually see the data that the device was capturing about your car. Graphs, Maps, and derived information were all there. The map even shows you where events like fast driving, hard braking, and fast acceleration occurred.

With all of these changes, they have pretty much done everything that I asked for in my last post. It is hard to get better service than that.